Brad Smith   QB/WR/RB   Missouri


Brad is an excellent college QB.  He has a bazooka for an arm and is an elusive runner.  He is a playmaker and loves to be the man.  He shows leadership skills through his playmaking ability on the field.  Brad is as good, or maybe better, of a college QB as Vince Young.  He is as good a runner and has a much stronger arm.  I am personally perplexed by people who feel that Vince Young is a top pick in this draft and do not even think about Brad in the same way! 


Needs to Improve

Brad thinks run before throw and although he has a strong arm, he has trouble hitting a building that's standing still.  His QB talents do not translate very well to the next level.  He will have to change positions to be a consistent impact player at the next level. 



Brad (like Vince) has excellent athletic talent, but not as a QB for the next level.  His natural athletic skills translate very well to the WR position and maybe to the RB position because this kid knows how to change gears and has very good vision when running with the ball.  The problem is that Brad wants to stay at the QB position and as far as Iím concerned, if he refuses to change positions, then I wish him well in the CFL.  Iím sure he will be very happy there.  I have no doubt that Brad could be an impact player in two or three years as a WR or RB and, Iím sure he could break a few as a kick returner also.  If Brad said he would be willing to change positions, I would rate him as a first day pick.  The second round, or even the latter part of the first, would not be too early in my opinion to rate him.  As a QB, I would not draft him.  He is not worth all the problems and would be what I would call "a coach killer."  He is the type of QB that would win games with his legs, but every time you needed the big play in the passing game, that old ugly lack of accuracy would rear its ugly head and lose the game for you.  As a QB, Brad would create lots of statís, but no better than a .500 winning record.  As a WR, he could wind up being one of the best in the game because he has that type of talent and mental toughness.  Brad has the talent to be a #1 WR for a Super Bowl team and he's throwing it away because he just canít get it through his skull that playing QB in the NFL is a whole different ball game.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006