Brandon Williams   WR   Wisconsin


Brandon has good quickness and strong hands.  He runs good routes and has enough speed and quickness to get deep.  He adjusts well to the ball in the air and has strong concentration.  Brandon does not have a problem going over the middle and making the tough catch.  He also does a good job on special teams and will put a little scare into the team that's kicking off to him. 


Needs to Improve

Brandon plays light and does not have good overall strength.  He gets bump off his routes and if he's up against a physical corner, he gets handled. 



Brandon reminds me a lot of Marvin Harrison (WR - Indianapolis Colts) when he came out.   I would have profiled Marvin the same way I just did this profile.  I always felt that Marvin was not physical enough in college to be a #1 WR, but he proved me wrong.  I just have to wonder if Brandon will do the same thing.  Brandon is quick like Marvin and runs routes they way Marvin did when he first came out.  Brandon looks to be a tough kid, so my guess is that if he gets with the right team and learns better route running techniques, he'll become a good player and just might be a sleeper pick of this draft.  Iím not saying he's going to be as good as Marvin is -- all Iím saying right now is that he shows me the same potential coming out that Marvin did and look what happened to him.  This kid will be a smart pick for a team on the second day with good potential to be a better player in the pros than he was in college.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006