Brian Calhoun   RB/ST   Wisconsin


Brian is a complete RB with excellent speed and quickness.  He understands how to set up his blocks for the O-linemen so that he can run inside the tackles and is patient when running off tackle and sweeps.  Brian can be used in the slot and also on the edge as a WR.  He is smart, reads defenses and understands situational football.  Brian, pound-for-pound, is one of the best RB’s in this draft. 


Needs to Improve

Pound-for-pound is the key here when we talk about Brian and this draft.  If Brian runs the reported 4.35 sp in the forty, then I suspect that his lack of bulk won’t matter much.  His lack of size to handle 25-30 carries a game is what is holding him back right now, but not for me. 



Brian is a very good RB and if you pass on Reggie and pick Brian instead later in the draft, it wouldn't be the worse move you could make.  Brian is a little different than Reggie in that he is not as big and doesn’t have the vision and quick lateral ability while running that Reggie has, but these two players are comparable.  Brian is another reason I tell everyone not to fall in love with just one player in a draft.  There is always talent in a draft.  In this particular draft, there are a lot of smaller RB’s that may not have the speed and breakaway ability that Reggie has, but they sure can play this game.  Brian, if he has the 4.35 sp in the forty that has been reported, all of a sudden moves up to the front of the class because he now has the speed to score from any place on the field.  That is what makes Reggie so dangerous -- the fact that he can score so many different ways from any part of the field.  Speed is the key for Brian at the combine in front of everyone on that so-called “slow” track.  It will be the difference between Brian being picked in the 1st round, 2nd round or 3rd round.  I would say that Brian is another one of those backs in this draft that is a lot like Warrick Dunn, but he is further along in reading defenses, blocking blitzing LB’s and pure overall speed.  I call him Brian (Dr. Dependable) Calhoun because in a crisis situation, you can depend on him like a surgeon to slice through the big guys and get the yardage you will need to move the chains.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006