Carlton Jones   RB   Army
Carlton is a strong runner with excellent quickness and speed.  He has good vision and lateral agility. He has good hands out of the backfield and shows strong leadership skills.  He's a weapon that makes match-ups difficult for opposing teams.  Carlton is excellent at picking up the blitzing LB, he's smart and understands situational football.  He is a pure tailback that knows how to get the small yards as well as the big yards when needed.  Look in the dictionary for the word tailback and you'll see Carltonís face.
Needs to Improve
Carltonís commitment to his country and the Army will affect his draft status.
Pound for pound, Carlton is one of the finest all-around tailbacks to come out in a long time.  He is a complete tailback.  He can run in any style offense and he can get you the tough yards.  He has the breakaway speed to break the big play in the passing game and the running game.  He's the type of player that gives the effort and has the talent and intelligence to make him an impact player at the next level.  Carlton knows how to play bigger than his size, similar to how Doug Flutie understood how to use his size to his advantage.  Personally, I consider Carlton a top five RB in this draft with 1st round talent.  Carlton is a Warrick Dunn/Thurman Thomas type of RB.  This year, he battled some injuries.  However, when he got back on the field, he realized that he had to change his style of running.  He figured out how to run through the tackles to accomplish getting the tough yards on those third and short yardage downs without getting injured.  Carlton has the physical and mental toughness to handle the pounding that he'll take in the NFL.  He has the intelligence to change his style of running so that he will stay on the field and not get injured.  He is a pleasure to watch and his play on the field, along with his character, will be an asset to the team that drafts him.  I call him Carlton (Tailback) Jones because he's a pure tailback and itís a pleasure to watch him play.
UPDATE - 3/22/06
At Carlton's Pro Day, Head Coach Bobby Ross explained the new Army Commitment Policy to the scouts in attendance... Under the new policy, a Cadet who is drafted or who signs with an NFL team as a free agent can begin practicing and playing with the team immediately.  For the first two years he is on the team, he is required to work for the Army in a local recruiting office or base, but such work will be scheduled around the team's practice and game schedules. His Army obligations during those two years will not interfere with his team obligations.  After those two years, if he is still playing, his service commitment is finished and must pay back the Army for the cost of his West Point education. 
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006