Cedric Griffin   CB/FS   Texas


Cedric is a lanky player with good speed.  He has good overall talent for a DB and is a solid tackler.  He is big enough and strong enough to use bump and run techniques against those big WRs and TEs at the line of scrimmage and in the red zone.  Cedric has excellent overall athletic talent. 


Needs to Improve

He has to get serious about the mental aspect of playing football in general.  When he makes a mistake in coverage, he recovers well enough for the college level, but not well enough for the next level.  Cedric makes a lot of mistakes; in fact, way too many mistakes for a kid that has played as much as he has at the college level. 



Cedric did much better this year than he has in the past with the mental portion of his game, but I fear it is directly related to Michael Huff helping him out all year long.  I think his best position at the next level will be as a FS in a two deep zone.  He is a good tackler and does well when he can keep the play in front of him.  He has good cover skills as a CB at the college level, but has better cover skills for the safety position at the pro level.  Playing along side and listening to Huff has changed this kid and made him realize that his talent is good, but not as good as he thought it was.  I think he has learned this year that improvement in his game will come from him knowing and learning his responsibilities better than he has in the past.  Cedric, by his play on the field this year, has shown me a marked improvement in his on the field maturity that up until this year, I felt he was lacking.  I think he has turned the corner and will, in time, become an impact FS for the team that drafts him.  If you had asked me to profile Cedric last year, I would have told you that he has good overall talent, but that he was not the sharpest tool in the shed.  But, with the help of Michael Huff, I think Cedric has identified his main weakness and improved from last year.  If he continues to improve in the mental portion of his game like he did this year, Cedric will become an impact Free Safety.  If you are drafting him as a CB, I think he will be average at best.  He lacks the true quickness a CB needs at the next level to impact and when he makes mistakes, he lacks the true recovery burst needed also.

by Drew Boylhart


March 2006