Cedric Humes   RB   Virginia Tech


Cedric is a big, strong, powerful RB with excellent speed and quickness.  When he concentrates and hits his holes, he is almost impossible to stop.  He shows quickness to the hole and just enough of a wiggle at the line to burst through and gain some big time yardage before two or three guys can stop him.  He has quick feet and good balance to take a hit and not have it affect him.  He is a punishing runner and likes to put a hurting on the person who tries to tackle him.  He shows decent hands out of the backfield on swing passes, which will make him effective on third downs also. 


Needs to Improve

The only thing stopping Cedric is Cedric.  He is a tough kid and will play hurt, but he lacks the instincts and recognition skills at this point of his career.  (Thatís a nice way of saying that he's not too smart on the field). 



Cedric has a lot to learn about being a RB at the next level.  He needs to learn how to block a blitzing LB and read defenses on the run so that he can change his route out of the backfield on an important third down situation.  He has to get serious about learning his playbook.  Cedric has to understand that he plays an important position.  He has to learn that being a RB is not just about running when someone hands you the ball.  He has excellent raw talent, but is so far away from understanding his role in a team situation that it will affect the round in which he is drafted.  That's a shame because the kid has the athletic talent to be a franchise back; however, he has to get a whole lot more serious about learning his craft.  He seems like a good kid and certainly worth being picked in this draft, but you are going to have to think about his length to impact (LTI) and I would think that the third or fourth round would be about right.  The raw talent is there.  The question is the work ethic, heart and instincts!
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006