Chad Greenway  OLB  Iowa


Chad has excellent athleticism for his position.  He does a good job when defending against the pass and shows good enough speed to cover RB’s coming out of the backfield.  Chad is a smart player and knows his responsibilities and plays them well.


Needs to Improve

Watch my lips…Chad is a lousy tackler!  He is a “drag down from behind” tackler that does not like straight on contact.  He doesn’t wrap up and he drops his head.



I don’t care how good a linebacker is at all his other responsibilities if he doesn’t like contact and won’t tackle.  If he doesn’t do these two things well, then I don’t want him on my team.  I am sick and tired of hearing about LB’s that are athletic, have excellent speed and how impactful they are and when I go to watch them and the most fundamental skill that is needed to play their position (like tackling) is lacking.  How does this happen?  Especially with a team that prides itself on their tackling!  Tackling is mental.  You have to want to do it.  You have to like the contact.  If you teach a kid over and over how to tackle and he still refuses to do it, that should send a signal that he doesn’t like contact!  Now I ask you, why would you draft a LB that doesn’t want, or like, contact? Why…because he’s a great athlete?  Chad will be drafted in the first day no doubt and if you use him as a situational LB, he could make some big impact plays for you; however, if you’re looking for an every down LB, then you would be making a mistake drafting Chad unless he discovers the light and all of a sudden decides he likes contact. I have a rule:  If you are a poor tackler in college, then you’ll be a poor tackler in the pros. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive -- it’s that simple.
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005