Chad Jackson   WR   Florida


Chad has the prototypical size and speed ratio that the pros are looking for in a potential #1 WR.  He has excellent hands and is a strong route runner.  He can be a possession receiver and also has the speed, strength and elusiveness to go deep on an unsuspecting DB that takes his speed for granted.  Chad has big play and "go to" WR potential. 


Needs to Improve

I have one question that has nothing to do about Chadís talent.  Why is he coming out early?  He was in a program and offense that could make him a top five player in the 2007 draft?  Maybe itís for financial reasons or maybe he's not the most motivated WR to learn a new system.  Or maybe itís because he doesnít think that the QB (Leak) is that good.  Or maybe Myers is too tough of a coach and expects more out of his players! 



I donít know what the reason is, but If I were Urban Myers and I had a kid this talented, I would do everything in my power to hold on to him for one more year.  This kid was in the perfect offense to show his talents to the world and he is passing it up!  Not only that, his coach is not squawking like a duck being chased down the road by a mutt pissed because the duck was swimming in his water bowl.  Personally, I have to wonder if this kid can handle the playbook at the next level.  Iíll be looking really hard at this kidís Wonderlic test scores because something is amiss in the forest.  Chad has plenty of talent and will move up in this draft fast.  It is a weak WR class at this stage, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if Chad were the 2nd WR taken off the boards after Santonio Holmes.  For me, until I can answer the questions I have, I personally have to list him as an early pick in the 2nd round.  Chad is motivated right now because he wants to move up the boards as far as possible.  The key for me on this kid is that Wonderlic score.  It will come down to this:  how much of the test he finishes within the allotted time.  Brains, mental toughness, character and the real reason he is coming out early are all questions that I need answered before I am willing to put him into the 1st round.  His pure talent says he belongs in the 1st, but these other questions have to be answered first.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006