Charles Spencer   OT/OG   Pittsburgh


Charles is a big, strong kid that has very good athleticism for his position.  He does an excellent job of hand fighting and is good at keeping his balance and not overextending himself when run blocking.  Charles improved every time I saw him play and seems to be a very coachable player.  He is becoming more consistent as he is challenged and at this stage, does not seem to have reached his athletic peak.  Charles has also been able to handle with ease the mental requirements of an O-lineman and shows some future leadership qualities. 


Needs to Improve

Charles has not gone up against quality players that have pressured him beyond his abilities.  To his credit, so far he has handled every challenge put in front of him and his Senior Bowl workouts have been a big help to him. 



There is no doubt about this kid's talent and character, but I just have to ask -  who changed this kid over from a DT to the offensive line?  Iím not saying it was a big mistake, but I am saying that if Charles had stayed as a DT and had improved the way that he's improved as an O-lineman, then he would have been a top ten pick in this draft.  So why was he changed over?  I watched Charles play in a game in the 2002 season as a DT and he just sent chills up and down my spine.  He was dominating and handled his assignment with ease.  He was up against Boston College and he kicked those guards around like a woman kicks her drunken husband out of the house and to the curb.  I have no clue why anyone would ask this kid to go to the other side of the ball after they had seen that display of dominance.  As we get closer to the draft, Charles just might squeeze himself into the first round.  For me personally, I would work him out as a DT at the combine to see if he can still be effective.  Guards are always all over the place but a DT/NG with the potential that I saw in him are not!  If this kid can play like he did in 2002, then someone made a big mistake and cost this kid a lot of money in the bargain.  Charles has a future as a left guard and might in the future be able to play LT or RT.  However, if he can play DT/NG, he can write his own ticket in the NFL.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006