Charlie Whitehurst   QB   Clemson


Charlie is one of the prettiest QBís that you've ever seen on a football field.  He has a nice throwing motion and a strong arm with good velocity on the ball.  He throws an easy ball to catch and does a good job with his foot work in his drops.  He can play under the center and out of a shotgun formation.  Charlie has excellent size, bulk and strength for his position and looks the part of a big time QB for the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Charlie has never met a pass rush that he could stand up to.  In fact, Charlie has never met any type of rush that he could stand up to.  He loves to throw interceptions and fumbling the ball is one of his strengths.



With the athletic talent that this kid has, he should be one of the premier QBís of this draft.  Donít bother e-mailing me and giving me excuses that he did not have a good line in front of him.  Remember, Iím looking at tape and not copying someone elseís opinion.  Charlie looks to me like he could become an excellent male underwear model for a catalog company because he refuses to move or slide in the pocket.  He just panics and throws the ball.  Or, he waits like a stone in a stream to be engulfed by the rush and fumbles the ball.  The problem is that Charlie is a workout wonder.  He is smooth and a lot of people are going to be fooled when he starts to workout, but as soon as they go back to some film and watch him, it should all fall into place.  All I can say is that I see this kid making a lot of money as an underwear model or an actor in Hollywood, but not on the football field.  On the football field, you canít act your way into being a successful QB -- you actually have to prove it.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006