Chris Chester   OC   Oklahoma



Chris is a good athlete.  He tries very hard to be a good athlete.  He does learn quickly and seems to have a very good work ethic. 


Needs to Improve

Everything!  It does look like he will do his best to succeed. 



The first thing I noticed when I saw Chris was the problem he had with snapping the ball!  To be fair to Chris, he just hasnít played enough to really get a good feel on how well he will do at the next level.  I donít think that there will be a lack of effort on Chrisí part to improve -- I just think that there is so much to learn with snapping the ball, blocking techniques in the passing game and running game, a pro offense and then identifying defensive schemes and calling the blocking assignments for the offensive line.  Add to all of that, being in the correct blocking scheme that matches his talents and learning how to mesh with a QB and an offensive coordinator.  With all of this, you just see the massive amount of work that Chris has in front of him to be an average center in the NFL.  He has good athletic talent, but does not have good bulk, which affects his ability to block very well for the running game.  At this point, he is a TE trying to get bigger to be a guard or center.  He is not big enough for the guard position and has no training for the center position.  Chrisí LTI is way down the road; however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel to pick up a good O-lineman who should be able to play very well in a zone blocking scheme later in his career after he learns more.  For the purposes of this draft, in my opinion, he is a late rounder or a free agent pick up for the right system.  But yes -- he is a really good athlete!  Remember we are trying to draft players that can help right away, not down the road.  Let someone else draft for down the road and train them for you.  But Chris is a good athlete!
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006