Claude Wroten  DT  LSU


Claude is a big kid that has excellent quickness in a short space.  He is an excellent 1-gap DT and does a good job in disrupting the blocking scheme of the opponentís offense.  Claude plays a 1-gap scheme as well as any DT that has come out in the draft in the last few years.


Needs to Improve

Claude is not in good shape.  He is on the flabby side and doesnít have the strength that you would think he should have.  He doesnít play the run very well at this stage of his career.  Claude lacks good change of direction skills as well as good lateral movement; however, most of these negatives can be corrected and limited if he gets in better shape.



I feel that if Claude slimmed down, he would be a much better DE at the next level rather than a DT. Mentally, he is not interested in stopping the run and this is fine with me, but I think he has to work harder to become an impact player at the next level.  If he does, Iím sure heíll lose the weight that he has now and at 280 lbs, he would be quick enough and strong enough to be a strong side DE. Claude will fit well as a DT into a 1-gap scheme because of his quickness, but I would sit with Claude before the draft and tell him right off that he needs to lose some weight to become a better player.  I would also tell him that he needs to get much stronger and work a lot harder than he has so far; if he does, he can make a lot of money and have a much bigger impact at the next level as a strong side DE.  Claude has the talent to be picked in the first round, but the question is will he work hard enough to transform himself into an impact player?  This is the big question.  Right now, he has the one ingredient that is very important to rush the passer at the next level and that is natural quickness.  My question is will this out of shape, very talented player with potential to impact at the next level work to get better than he is right now? Length Til Impact on this player might be three to four years and that means that he isnít a 1st round draft pick in my opinion.  A 2nd rounder, yes, but not a first.  But thatís just me personally.  By the time we get to the draft, Iím sure he will be listed in the 1st round if he isnít already.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005