Clint Ingram   LB   Oklahoma


Clint is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He shows an excellent burst to the ball and is strong enough to take on a guard, shed him and make the tackle.  He has really good quickness and he takes good angles when he attacks the line of scrimmage.  Clint is a pure run-stuffing LB and believe me, even in this draft with a loaded class of LBís, he stands out. 


Needs to Improve

Clint has to prove that he is more than a two down LB.  I waited for his combine numbers to see if he had the athleticism to be effective in the passing game.  His numbers say he will be -- but he still has to prove it and work on it. 



Clint is a football player; itís just that simple.  If you want to pick apart his game, go right ahead.  But for me, he is a player that you have to have on your team to be successful.  When Clint hits you, he literally embeds himself into your body.  Let me put it this way.  If a two-hump camel were hit by Clint, afterwards, the camel would look like it just got hit by a concrete wall and be left with just one hump.  Now I ask you, do you really want another team to draft a kid like this?  I know that Clint can be effective in the passing game, but he will have to prove it.  I think if you just give him some time, he will turn into an every down LB.  His play on the field makes him a leader and it also makes the players around him better.  He will be a fan favorite and a core player and he will cause a lot of fumbles.  I call him Clint (One Hump) Ingram because if you are playing against him, you had better move both your humps -- and fast -- or you are going to lose one.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006