Cory Rogers   WR/KR   TCU



Cory is a very quick WR with good speed.  He runs strong routes for his college team and shows the ability to run his routes with good strength.  He gets excellent separation when making his cuts and shows decent hands for the college level.  Cory has been a weapon on special teams for his college team and could also be a weapon for the team that drafts him at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Cory is very skinny and he has to put on more bulk to be effective in the NFL.  The injury factor will be high for Cory if he doesnít.  Iím not convinced that Cory has good enough hands for the next level.  He does a lot of double-clutching and lets the ball get into his body too much.  This will be a problem on special teams also and he may wind up fumbling, which is a death sentence for a special teams player. 



Cory has a serious problem if he canít put on weight and have it not affect his quickness.  He has to learn to catch every ball with his hands and right now, he does way too much body catching.  For the next level, Cory is an intriguing talent because of his return skills; however, for me personally, he still needs a lot of development in all areas of his game.  He looks to me like a candidate for NFL Europe at this point of his career.  Of course, the potential problem that keeps nagging at me is his maturity level and why he chose to come out of college early!  I donít know what round he thought he might be taken in, but if he took advice from an agent on this issue, then he made a big mistake.  I do not think that Cory understands his own talent and how it fits into the NFL.  That, ladies, is a bigger problem than all the other athletic issues!
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006