DQwell Jackson   LB   Maryland


DQwell is a complete LB who is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He is all over the field and is another LB coming out that can play all three LB positions.  He has a great burst to the ball to go along with excellent change of direction skills.  He can meet a block, shed a block and wrap the runner up as well as rush the passer.  If you need him to cover a TE, dont hesitate to ask.  DQwell has 1st round talent and is one of the best LBs in this draft.   


Needs to Improve

Some people whine about his lack of height and weight, but personally for me, those are excuses used by losers. 


Talent Board Round   1

DQwell is the reason why I say "Do not fall in love with one player in a draft."  He might not be the leader that A J Hawk is or as big, but he is as good and to be honest, he is more ferocious in his play.  If you decided to pass on A J Hawk, trade down and draft DQwell, I would have to say that you didn't make a mistake -- you just made a good business decision.  Right now, because of DQwells size, he is under the radar; however, I would personally list him as a sleeper in this draft because with his talent and production, he should be one of the first LBs off the board.  He is as talented as Jonathan Vilma who was drafted by the New Jersey Jets in the first round in 2004, but there is a difference and that difference could be what is affecting DQwell's ratings.  That draft had very little quality LBs and this draft is full of quality LBs, but that means nothing to me.  DQwell has 1st round talent and should be picked in the 1st round.  But as you well know by now, that's not necessarily where he will be drafted.  So if your team drafts DQwell remember, you just got one of the best LBs in this draft.  Just sit back and let DQwell take you for the ride of your life.  He is something special to watch when he plays.

by Drew Boylhart


February 2006