Dale Robinson   LB   Arizona St



Dale is very strong defending against the run.  He uses excellent techniques and leverage against the big O-linemen.  He is one of the better shed and tackle LBís in this draft.  Dale does a very good job playing between the hash marks and does a solid job in his drops when defending against the pass.  He is smart, takes good angles and shows a very good burst to the ball. 


Needs to Improve

Dale is not the biggest LB in size and bulk and does not look like he is going to get taller or be able to put on too much more bulk.  That being said, Dale is a LB that really knows how to play his position correctly. 


Talent Board Round   4

Size and elite speed are the two big questions that bother me when evaluating Dale.  I would like to say that you can move him over to the WLB position, but he does not have the speed or quickness for that position.  He really is a pure inside LB that plays bigger than his size; however, for the next level, it might not be big enough.  Dale plays with such good techniques in the run game that on the second day of this draft, if you need a LB that you think can challenge to be a starter, then you have to look at Dale.  The fact that he is limited to just playing the inside position will drop him in this draft, but if he gets on the field and doesnít get injured, it will be really hard to get him off.  The NFL is full of undersized MLB's with his size and speed that have made an impact in the NFL.  Itís because they just know how to play the position.  Dale just might fall into that category.  Personally for me, I would not hesitate to draft him over a lot bigger guys with more talent that do not know how to play the position.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006