Darryl Tapp  DE/LB  Virginia Tech


Darryl is a strong, powerful DE that is a leader for his team and makes the teammates around him better.  He is an impact player that makes impact plays.  He plays the game with ease and seems to be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  He is quick off the line when rushing the QB and is strong at the point of attack.  Darryl has the athletic ability and the intelligence to play more than one position at the next level and be an impact player at any one of them.


Needs to Improve

Darryl is vertically challenged for a DE at the next level.  As far as Iím concerned, it will have no effect on his ability to impact at the next level.


Talent Board Round   2

This draft is loaded with multi-talented players that can play more than one position at the next level on both offense and defense.  On the defensive side of the ball, Darryl is one of these players and believe me, as far as Iím concerned, this is a positive not a negative.  Most people are going to downgrade this type of player because they donít have a clear picture of where the player might fit in to their schemes.  My theory is that if you are a playoff team selecting in the latter slots of the first round, this is exactly the type of player you want to add to your team. Darryl reminds me a lot of Willie McGinest of the Patriots.  Both of these players are so good that you take them for granted.  Both players can put their hand on the ground and rush the passer or be used as an LB and drop off the line of scrimmage. Both players can control their side of the field and make the players around them better.  I believe that Darryl could play any one of the LB positions or a DE position in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense.  He is a little smaller than Willie and Darryl has a little better change of direction skills, which is why I feel he could play any one of the LB position.  Both are very strong, intelligent players and the team that drafts Darryl should be able to use him right away.  Darryl will be a core player, a fan favorite and an impact player.  He will be a player that you can build a defense around, but he will drop a bit in this draft because he can play more than one position and that will confuse and upset some teams.  Those teams will pass on him because they just wonít know how Darryl fits into their defense.  Another big mistake!
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005