Daryn Colledge   OG   Boise State


Daryn is a very good left tackle for his team.  He uses solid techniques and strength to dominate his opponents.  He shows good lateral movement and is quick out of his stance.  Daryn loves a challenge, shows excellent leadership qualities and has very good strength.  He makes the players around him better.  Even on tape, you can see the way he loves the physical part of playing football.  He has 1st round talent, effort and brains.


Needs to Improve

I hear his college dorm room is messy.  You know, neatness does count, Daryn!


Talent Board Round   1

Daryn would fit perfectly into your starting left guard position ten minutes after you draft him.  He has the strength and quickness that's required to play that position along with the mental toughness and brains to improve as he plays.  He strikes me as the type of kid that picks his prom date up riding a Harley.  Personally, I donít have a problem with that.  Some of the best people I know drive a Harley.  (I also donít have a daughter.)  Daryn is a very good left tackle and in a pinch, could probably play any position on the line and do it very well; however, I believe for the next level, you have a Pro Bowl left guard just waiting to be drafted.  If you need a very good O-lineman ready to play, you better pick this kid quick.  I know he wonít be the exciting pick that fans crave in the first round, but he will excite your QB, your RB and your LT and make them all a hell of a lot better.  Personally, I consider him a top fifteen pick in this draft.  I call him Daryn (Headlock) Colledge because any D-lineman that's up against this kid is going to feel like he's been in a headlock all game long.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006