David Thomas  TE/H-Back  Texas


David has very good hands and quick feet.  He has good balance when blocking for the run or the pass.  He uses excellent technique when blocking and is very good at blocking in space and going to the second level.  David runs very good routes, is smart and likes to make impact plays. He shows leadership qualities and should be a fan favorite and a core player of the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

David will have to be used as an H-Back/FB at the next level.  This shouldnít be a problem at all. The kidís football instincts and techniques will overcome any size concerns.


Talent Board Round   2

David is a weapon that will cause match-up problems for his opponents.  He can block in space and can block on the line.  He can do everything that a complete TE will have to do at the next level, but his size will make it easier for him to be effective if he is moved around.  The biggest problem that I see in drafting David is replacing him if he gets hurt because there are few guys now playing in the NFL that have his overall abilities.  He reminds me of Darryl Johnston FB, Dallas Cowboys. When Darryl was healthy, you couldnít stop the Dallas offense.  As he started to get hurt later on in his career, the Cowboys offense struggled.  Dallas had Darryl listed as an FB, but he really was more of an H-Back.  He would line up in the backfield, on the line, in the slot and all over the place.  David will become an important part of the team that drafts him and a fan favorite.  Remember, if used correctly, David is a weapon that many teams in the NFL donít have.  LBís are going to hate playing against this kid.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005