Davin Joseph  OG/OT  Oklahoma


Davin has very long arms for his size.  He has excellent mental toughness and has quick feet.  He has very good balance and strength and is an excellent pulling guard.  Davin has the foot speed to go out to the second level and get the LB as well as the quickness and strength to handle the passing game.  This year, heís playing left tackle and although he is struggling, he is improving from week to week and by the end of the year, I suspect that heíll be considered a very good LT.


Needs to Improve

If heís being scouted as a left tackle, then he is a work in progress that should work out fine.  His true position is guard and as a guard, he is a top 15 player in this draft before the juniors declare.


Talent Board Round   1

Almost every time Adrian Peterson made a big running play last year, Davin threw the main block.  It was either a trap block or a pull around the left or right tackle or a combo block against a LB that sprung Adrian for that big gain up the middle.  I donít say this very often if a player can play the LT position, but Davin is too good an impacting guard in the run and pass game to move to LT.  Draft him and plug him in at the left or right guard position and you will have a Pro Bowler for the next ten years.  Donít be foolish and try to make him a LT when he is a natural at the guard position.  Yes, he could be a decent LT in a couple of years, but why do you want a decent LT when you can have an impacting Pro Bowl guard right away?  I was the only one that told you about Logan Mankins last year and this year, Iím telling you about Davin Joseph.  If your team picks him in the draft, consider yourselves very lucky.
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005