DíBrickashaw Ferguson  OT  Virginia


This kid has the longest arm span I think Iíve ever seen.  He is an excellent athlete with very good lateral movement and does a good job blocking in all phases of his game.  DíBrickashaw is a lot stronger than he looks and has the frame to carry more weight as he gets older.  He is a pure Left Tackle with just the right edge to his game.


Needs to Improve

He needs more repetitions and technique work, but thatís normal for a college player.  Most scouts are going to tell you that heís not that good of a run blocker.  Itís a bunch of garbage.  He has such long arms that he doesnít bend at the knees like most LTís and he will never really be the type of blocker who pancakes someone to the ground.  He keeps his feet so that he can continue to block more than one player.  Iíll take that over a pancake block any day.


Talent Board Round   1

This kid is mentally tough and has unusual athletic abilities for his size.  He has excellent lateral movement along with those incredibly long arms that will give the speed rushers at the next level fits.  You might be able to bull rush him if you can get into his body, but donít bet on it; most DEís donít have the strength anyway.  DíBrickashaw will take some time to become more consistent with his techniques, but the upside to this kidís game is excellent and I suspect in three years you will see him in the Pro Bowl.  I love to watch this kid play because he keeps his feet and balance so that he can make more than one block when he is blocking for a running play.  I love the way he combo blocks.  In fact, that might be one of his strong suits.  This kid is an excellent pass blocker and run blocker and right now is underrated, but by draft time, all youíre going to hear about is this kidís blocking abilities and his long arms.  He is a top five pick as good as Gallery when he came out.  He has the wingspan of a condor.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005