DeAngelo Williams   RB   Memphis


DeAngelo is a very strong runner for his size.  He is a slash-type runner.  That means he takes the ball, hits the hole and goes as fast as he can until he gets tackled.  He shows good hands out of the backfield and also fights for extra yardage.  He also gives good effort when blocking in the passing game.  DeAngelo has been a dominant RB at the college level.


Needs to Improve

DeAngelo has come back from a broken leg, which shows good work ethic.  He's had some nicks and bruises this year along with some other ďstrangeĒ problems with the coaching staff that need to be looked at.  He is also vertically challenged for his position and that might scare some people from thinking that he's a franchise back at the next level.  For me personally, height is never an issue as to how well a player performs at the next level.  Size and bulk are a concern, but not height.


Talent Board Round   1

DeAngelo reminds me a lot of Tiki Barber (RB) for the Garden State Giants.  Both players are slash- type runners with a little cut back thrown in and good receivers out of the backfield.  Both players like to be counted on and want the ball in important situations of the game.  The funny thing about this is that coming out of college, I never thought that Tiki would be the player that he is today.  I felt he put the ball on the ground too much and he wasnít big enough to take the pounding. A slash style runner gets hit a lot.  They take a lot of big hits because they take on the tackler.  Tiki has learned to run inside out.  By that I mean he hits the hole and then slants to the sidelines so that when someone tackles him, his body motion is going with the tackle and this lessens the impact of the hit.  Donít get me wrong -- Tiki doesnít always do this, but out in the middle of the field, you'll notice this.  In the red zone, they take him out to save him and lengthen his career.  If DeAngelo is used the same way, he should be a very good back.  This draft is short on quality RBís.  Therefore, DeAngelo might go higher than he would normally.  Tiki was a 2nd round pick.  I think that DeAngelo is a late 1st, early 2nd, but if the juniors donít come out, then DeAngelo is the man in this draft and your guess is as good as mine when he will be picked.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005