DeMario Minter   CB   Georgia


This kid is built like a Buick.  He is a powerful kid with good speed and quickness and is a very good tackler.  He does a really good job in single coverage and can handle much bigger WR's without any problems.  DeMario has the potential to be a top flight CB at the next level and has 1st round talent for this draft.

Needs to Improve 

He gets confused in zone coverage and his hands are not the very good.  To impact at the next level in most cases, you have to be able to make interceptions.

Talent Board Round   2

DeMario has the physical talent to be an excellent cover corner, but he has to learn his responsibilities in zone coverage much better.  He canít be an impact CB unless he's on the field in zone coverage and can intercept the ball.  I like this kid's potential, but he has to learn to be more patient.  I like his size, speed, quickness, tackling -- just about everything this kid does.  But believe me, I am nervous as hell about his lack of patience in general.  Iím sure as he matures as a player, he can control the urges he has to leave his assignment. He reminds me of the movie Top Gun when Tom Cruise had to learn to stay with his wingman.  Oh, I like that, DeMario (Wingman) Minter.  I expect him to be an excellent CB at the next level.  I just hope he expects it of himself!

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006