Dee Webb   CB   Florida


Dee is a good size CB with good speed for his position.  He has strong make-up speed and is a good tackler.  His overall coverage skills are good and he is quick to defend against the run.  Dee likes to make plays, he likes to intercept the ball and he loves a challenge.  He has no problems going up against the big WRs -- in fact, he likes it.  Dee has that one important attribute needed to be a good CB at the next level. He has a short memory. 


Needs to Improve

Dee is a gambler because he lacks the true quickness in his coverage skills to intercept the ball.  He gets his interceptions by guessing and looking into the backfield; that will give him big time problems at the next level.  He also needs to continue to learn better techniques and play with a lot more discipline.  He has a long way to go, but there is a lot to work with.


Talent Board Round   2

First of all, Dee has to realize that his skills at the next level are a dime a dozen.  If he had great quickness to go along with his speed, that would be different.  He has good quickness, but not great quickness.  He is going to have to work harder and learn to be more disciplined.  He is going to have to accept that he is not the best zone CB and he must improve his man-to-man coverage techniques also.  That being said, Dee is a good tackler and a solid cover corner that could become a #1 CB in the NFL.  He can become a #2 CB, but if he works hard, the difference in money between a #1 CB and a #2 CB is a whole lot.  Dee has to learn to play smarter or the WRs and QBs are going to eat him alive at the next level.  As I said before, he knows how to forget and that will be a big help for the first few years while he learns to play smarter and better football.  He has good potential and first day talent, but because he' is coming out early, it would not surprise me at all if he slips to the second day of the draft.  LTI will be the reason.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006