Demetrius Williams   WR   Oregon


Demetrius is a big, tall, strong WR with excellent hands.  He has a very smooth stride and is a lot faster than he looks.  He runs good routes and can pluck the ball out of the air with ease.  He's made some of the prettiest catches I've ever seen.  Talent just oozes from this kid when he steps on the field. 


Needs to Improve

All of those strengths that I mentioned for Demetrius are true except for one little problem.  The minute the game starts, he is a totally different player.  He will not go up in a crowd to get the ball and he gets bumped off his routes very easily.  He doesnít show any mental or physical toughness to handle the next level.  But he is something to watch when he works out! 


Talent Board Round   3

I canít say it any better than I have.  Demetrius is not tough enough to handle the next level.  I would expect that a lot of scouts and coaches are going to watch him workout and be so impressed, they're going to think that they can make this kid tougher.  They'll even think that he'll develop into a #1 or #2 WR, but they are just kidding themselves.  If he hasnít shown toughness at the college level, just wait until a Pro Bowl safety comes across the field and knocks him into Monday - 24 hours ahead of time.  Do you really think he is going to catch the next ball or not have alligator arms on the next throw to him across the middle?  If you think you can coach him out of that, then good luck!  He is without a doubt one of the prettiest WRís I have ever seen in his underwear.  But you donít play football in your underwear.  Not unless you are really weird.  Not that I have anything against guys who play in their underwear, but when they choose up sides you wonít find me anywhere near the field.  Not that I make a habit of watching guys play in the underwear either.  Well, letís just say that Demetrius is an excellent WR before the game starts.  

by Drew Boylhart


February 2006