Derek Morris   OT   North Carolina St


Derek has very good size for his position.  He has solid overall athletic talent and gives good effort on every play.  He has nice long arms that serve him well and he shows decent lateral movement when challenged.  Derek has some noticeable developmental talents and is still growing into his body at this point of his career. 


Needs to Improve

Although Derek has good developmental athletic skills, I知 not convinced he is quick to identify (once the play starts) what his responsibilities are.  His LTI is way out there and I知 not convinced he has the mental stamina to succeed and reach his potential at the next level. 


Talent Board Round   FA

This is a perfect case of a kid coming out too early.  Way too much will be thrown at him mentally; he will not be able to handle it and will fail.  If he had stayed in one more year, then just maybe, all of this would have clicked for him and then he would have been ready for the next level.  As far as I知 concerned, let someone else draft him and if he starts to do well, then pick him up when he is a free agent.  It is not unusual for an O-lineman to have a career that lasts 12 to 15 years in the NFL; however, for this kid, it is going to take 5 years just to become average at the RT position.  Add to that some injuries because of bad and sloppy techniques in both run blocking and pass blocking and I知 not sure we will see this kid beyond the length of his first contract.  But he does have good size and long arms and I知 sure that will be enough for some team to draft him!  I would pick him up as a free agent after the draft, but I would not draft him at this point -- his LTI is way out there.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006