Devin Aromashodu   WR   Auburn
Devin has good size, strength and speed for his position.  He has strong hands and shows sharp quickness in and out of his breaks.  He is very fluid runner and has deceiving speed.  We used to call this type of speed "sneaky fast" because if the CB turns his head and peaks in to the QB, Devin will blow right by him and surprise the DBís with a deep catch.  Devin has potential to be a #2 WR in the NFL and with a little hard work, just might make it as a #1.
Needs to Improve
Devinís biggest weakness is his route running.  He has to learn to be more precise with his cuts. He is quick out of his cut, but then looks for the ball and slows himself down.  This allows the DBís to catch up to him and defend the ball.  He needs to understand what will be required of him mentally and physically at the next level to succeed. 
Talent Board Round   4
Devin lacks confidence at this point of his career.  He acts like he is overwhelmed at times.  He has excellent athletic talent, but the mental portion of the game is causing him all sorts of problems because of his lack of confidence.  He looks like he's a good kid and as soon as he starts to play at the next level and gain some confidence, he will improve quickly.  I like this kid's potential and his talent and I just feel that if you take him in the second day of the draft, you will have a good developmental WR.  This is the type of kid that could turn into a big time player in the near future -- if not, he is a good enough WR to give your team help as a 3rd or 4th WR for the time being.  He needs time, confidence and some good coaching.  He has to realize how important it is for him to run precise routes to be successful.  He is a bit of a sleeper right now coming out of a big program with a lot of other players who were picked in the first round in past drafts and projected in the first in this draft.  I just think he needs to understand that he has as much talent as any one of those players.  When he does, he could be a hell of a player.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006