Devin Hester   CB/WR   Miami


Devin has good size and speed and is the type of player that thinks he can be one of the best.  He's played multiple positions for his college team and has done a good job.  He shows good hands as a WR and that should help him as a CB to intercept the ball.  Devin is the type of player that is a jack-of-all-trades and could help a team in a lot of different positions. 


Needs to Improve

The worse thing that could have happened to Devin was to come out early without a set position.  He shows good speed, but he doesn't have good quickness.  His route running is so bad, he could make a bald man grow hair.  He does not show enough skills as a cover corner and knows nothing about playing zone coverages.  I donít know if he can tackle, or even wants to tackle, and his return skills are marginal at best right now. 


Talent Board Round   3

The biggest mistake for Devin is coming out early.  His LTI is so far down the road that I canít see him impacting at any position until his first contract is up.  If he's decided to be a CB, then he better learn how to play zone really fast because he is not quick enough to be a cover corner at the next level.  Devin might be able to turn into a decent #2 CB if he works harder than he ever has in his lifetime.  But coming out of the program that he's coming out of, I have no faith that it will happen.  Devin made a big mistake coming out early; add to that the lack of a true position and no good skills at any one position and you have a kid who was given very bad information to come out early.  If Devin chose to come out early because he and his family needed the money for hardship reasons, then somebody should have stepped up to the plate and given this kid a chance to stay in school for one more year to establish skills at one position.  I hope this kid has hard work in his background.  If he does, then he just might make it.  His athletic talent is good, but not unusual for the next level.  Good luck, Devin -- and work hard.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006