DJ Shockley   QB   Georgia


D J has a good strong arm and every time I see him, his accuracy improves. He moves well outside of the pocket and can throw from the pocket with accuracy on the run.  He shows excellent leadership qualities and his teammates are energized when he's on the field.  D J is a very good athlete and has a burning desire to win.  You can see on film that he doesn't care about how good he looks or his stats, but he does care about winning and will give anyone the ball any place on the field to accomplish this one goal.  I think D J has excellent potential at the next level to be an impact QB.


Needs to Improve

D J hasnít had much time at the QB position, so his mechanics are inconsistent and in general, he'll need a lot of work.  However, I have no doubt that he will work very hard to accomplish this.


Talent Board Round   2

D J has 1st round talent and as we get closer to the draft, you should see him move up very quickly. It really will depend on the need of QBís at the end of each round.  That will decide how quickly D J is drafted.  He has the arm strength, mental toughness and athleticism, but he'll have to learn to be a lot more consistent, improve on reading defenses and get better on all the other issues that most young QBís have to learn.  Here is the key to D J:  he is a winner.  He is a tough kid and will not be denied.  He has that mental toughness to throw a couple of interceptions in a game and still not be denied a win for his team.  He won't drop his head and disappear.  He will not allow his teammates to drop their heads and he is never out of a game until itís over.  D J has winning in his heart and he doesnít care how he achieves it.  Count yourselves lucky if your team drafts this kid.  Let him sit for a year or two and then let him hit the field.  I would think that a playoff team with a QB that's towards the end of his career would jump all over this kid.  If a team with a young QB picks this kid, be prepared for a QB controversy.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005