Dominique Byrd    TE/H-B    USC


Dominique has very good quickness, strength and athleticism.  He shows strong hands to catch the ball and has excellent strength to break tackles after the catch.  Dominique has played for a big time program and been in some big time games.      


Needs to Improve

Dominique looks out of shape.  He doesnít finish his blocks all the time and plays to the level of his competition.  Dominique could be a lot better and more consistent than he's been playing. 


Talent Board Round   3

Dominique has talent to be an excellent H-back TE for the next level, but I just donít think he wants to be.  He wants all the attention and praise, but he doesnít want to do all the dirty work that's required to get that attention and praise.  This kid is the same size and has the same athletic talent as Winslow when he came out and as much talent as another prospect this year, Vernon Davis (Maryland).  So why is no one talking about him as 1st round talent?  Donít tell me itís because of Leinart and Bush, because thatís just nonsense.  Dominique may go to the combine and put up some surprising numbers, but all I can say is that he should have shown up before the combine.  He is a very athletically talented kid and if he decides that he wants to play in the NFL, then he'll be a good player for the team that drafts him.  The big question is, will he get in shape, stay in shape and learn his assignments fully?  Sometimes this kid looks lost out there and you have to wonder if he can handle an NFL playbook.  I like this kid's talent, but I donít like his lack of heart and effort and I think the wonderlic test will give him all sorts of problems.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006