DonTrell Moore   RB   New Mexico


DonTrell is a running back that has great vision, lateral movement and quickness.  He is smart and understands how to read defenses.  He understands situational football and knows how to help out his QB in blocking for the blitz and catching the ball out of the backfield.  He has rebounded very well from a knee injury, but is still not back all the way.  He has excellent mental toughness and is the type of player that leads by his actions on the field.


Needs to Improve

He is not a back with breakaway speed, so the scouts will downgrade him.  Also, the scouts will suggest that the level of competition he played against was weak.  All of this is crap!  Most of the time, these types of RB's are considered in the 2nd round.


Talent Board Round   3

If you think that you might need a clone of Curtis Martin (RB-New Jersey Jets) in your backfield, then step right up and draft DonTrell.  His goal is to be a complete back and believe me, he is well on his way to achieving that goal.  He comes at you all game long and drives you into submission with his overall abilities and talents.  He is a sturdy back that can run inside or outside.  He uses excellent technique to turn the corner and is quick through the tackles.  He is learning how not to take a hit so hard and just never stops learning and trying to get better.  DonTrell is the type of player that I would look to draft even if I think Iím set at the RB position because he'll do anything and everything to get on the field and help his team win.  He has a lot of talent to go along with excellent character, brains and heart.  Make no mistake about it:  DonTrell has 1st round talent, but he most likely will not be taken until sometime the 1st day because of his lack of pure speed.  He is the back that I would pick and list after Reggie Bush.  If Reggie doesnít come out, then on my personal list, he would be the first back that I would take in this draft.  I call him DonTrell (The Messenger) Moore because he sends a message to the defense everytime he runs.  The message is, "Iíll be back until I win."

by Drew Boylhart


December 2005