Drew Olsen  QB  UCLA


Drew has good size and arm strength for the QB position.  He throws the ball with good velocity and touch.  He moves well in the pocket and is starting to show good toughness in the pocket.  He is a pocket passer that throws well on the run, but thatís not his strength. Drew is another QB that is making much better decisions on the field this year and along with his growing confidence, is starting to become a respected leader.


Needs to Improve

In the past, Drew has had happy feet in the pocket after he took a couple of hits.  He has shown a lot of improvement in this area this year, but still has a way to go to prove to his teammates that this will not be a problem in the big games against big time talent.


Talent Board Round   3

I like this kidís improvement in his overall play and toughness this year. I still think that he will always have a problem being a little squirmy in the pocket, but if a team that uses the west coast offense (WCO) drafts him, then heíll be just fine and even flourish.  He has the talent and the brains to be an excellent WCO QB.  He has the arm strength and accuracy needed and he should like the precise techniques that are required of a QB in the WCO system.  The reason why I think the WCO is the system for Drew is because that system gets the ball out of the QBís hand quickly and uses precise drops and steps and rhythm that a player like Drew should flourish in.  If the wrong team drafts him, he will struggle.  There are a lot of QBís that have problems with staying in the pocket and getting hit and then coming back on the very next play and standing tall.  It is not easy.  The difference in Drew and the others is his accuracy, velocity and intelligence.  My belief is that he fits the WCO system like a glove, but may struggle in a vertical game system.  I like this kidís game.  I think he can have a hell of a career at the next level.  He has an intelligence about his game that is similar to Montana when he came out.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005