Dusty Dvoracek   DT   Oklahoma


Dusty is a pure 1-gap DT with excellent explosion off the line of scrimmage.  He is a strong kid and right now, does a good job of overpowering and wearing down his opponent.  Dusty gives you everything he has on every play.  He also does a good job of controlling the line of scrimmage and he is very hard to handle in the passing game because of his quickness. 


Needs to Improve

Dusty has short arms and has a hard time disengaging from blocks in the running game.  He is a pure 1-gap DT and donít think you're going to draft him and turn him into a 2-gap run stuffer.  It will limit his impact.  In the past, Dusty had some off field concerns, but it looks like he has overcome them. 


Talent Board Round   3

Dusty is a clone of Chris Hovan (DT - Tampa Bay Buccaneers).  Both players have the same build, same quickness, same style of play and same ability to impact as a 1-gap DT.  I did notice that the players have different faces.  Thatís the only way I can tell them apart!  Dusty will give you everything he has and, if you ask him to push the pocket and be a run stuffer, he will get a hernia trying.  Dusty can impact right away if he's used in an attacking, 1-gap scheme.  The best example of this scheme right now would be the Chicago Bears.  To run it, you better have more than one of these kinds of DTís or by the end of the game, your D-line will be falling through gaps instead of filling the gaps.  This scheme takes a lot of discipline to run because once you're through your gap, you must continue on that line and not leave it too early to make a tackle or the cutback lanes will open up like a four lane highway. The linebackers are counting on you to disrupt the blocking scheme, but at the same time, hold your assigned gap/lane so that they can do their job.  Dusty is smart enough and looks to be disciplined enough to handle this type of scheme; in fact, I think he's a perfect fit.  In the right scheme, Dusty will play and impact right away.  However, he's not highly rated in this draft because he is a one scheme DT and not a lot of teams are running it right now.  Some teams will rate him high, so he's the type of player that could fall to the second day or go in the first day -- depends on the systems of the teams making selections.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006