Ed Hinkel   WR   Iowa
Ed has decent speed and size for a WR.  He has excellent hands and catches the ball away from his body.  He is fearless and precise when running his routes, but Edís three biggest strengths are mental toughness, instincts and situational football intelligence.  Ed understands football like a coach or a veteran QB does.  He makes himself ďoneĒ with the QB when he's on the field.  Ed will be an excellent zone WR at the next level the day he walks on the field. 
Needs to Improve
Ed needs to bulk up and quickly if he is going to stay on the field and help his team as a core player.  He does play through injuries and is very tough, but he will not be able to stay on the field at the next level if he does not bulk up. 
Talent Board Round   2
With the right QB and in the right system, Ed will be a dream come true for the QB of the team that drafts him.  The system is not that big a deal, but the QB will be.  Ed needs to be drafted by a team that has a QB that gets rid of the ball quickly or has a very strong arm.  He is not a burner -- he is just a player.  Ed is the type of kid that loves to catch the ball on a wise-ass talented CB who has twice the athletic talent Ed does and plays more with his mouth than with his brains or talent.  He is that Ed McCaffrey, Hines Ward, Joe Jurevicius type WR that gets better as the game goes on.  He plays faster and quicker than he looks on film.  Ed must bulk up and the right team with the right QB must draft him.  This will make him fall into the second day of the draft, but there will be no shame in that.  This kid is a player and thatís all that counts in a true evaluation.  There is no WR in this draft that is more fearless than Ed and that alone, with his instincts, will be enough for him to become a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  I call him Ed (Norton) Hinkel because he will be some lucky QBís best friend on the field, but will never get the respect a true best friend deserves.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006