Elvis Dumervil  DE/LB  Louisville


Elvis is a powerfully-built, quick and fast DE.  He is another one of the players in this draft with an unusually long wingspan for his size.  He uses excellent speed and techniques to rush the passer. He has a variety of moves that shows his maturity and seriousness in succeeding at the next level.  He is without a doubt, the quickest of all the DEís in this draft off the line at the snap.


Needs to Improve

Elvis is vertically challenged at just 6í0Ē for his position.  If he were two inches taller, everyone would be suggesting that Elvis would be the first DE picked off the board in this draft.


Talent Board Round   3

Iím not sure if Elvis is a DE or a LB at the next level and to be honest, I donít give a flying fig!  I know one thing:  he is a player. He is the type of kid that will impact on defense and make offensive coordinators account for him for every play.  This makes him (big or small), a potential impact player. Besides his speed and quickness, the two most outstanding attributes for Elvis are the thickness of his lower body and his wingspan.  Elvis should not have very many leg injuries and those long arms will keep the O-linemen away from his body so that he can use his speed and quickness when he pass rushes.  Elvis should go in the first round.  The mistake by many teams that need pass rushers is that they will downgrade him because of his size.  This will be a big mistake. Elvis is a freak of nature and I mean that in a good way.  He is the type of kid that plays bigger than his size.  Scouts, GMís and coaches that look at him and insist that he wonít be as good in the NFL as he is for his college team are exactly the type of people that run their teams with blinders on.  He is stronger and much more technically mature than Dwight Freeney was when he was the 11th pick of the 2002 draft!  He should be as much of an impact player as Freeney is.  I call him Elvis (The Flying Fig) Dumervil because I donít care where you play him -- just donít be stupid enough not to draft him if you need a pass rusher.  And doesnít everyone need a pass rusher?
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005