Eric Winston   OT   Miami


Eric has good size, strength and mental toughness for his position.  He has long arms, good athleticism and shows some leadership qualities.  Eric likes to block for the run and does a good job blocking for the pass.  There is no doubt that if Eric wants to work hard and be a good LT at the next level, he will have no problem attaining that goal.


Needs to Improve

Eric hasn't come back very strong from his knee injury and has been very inconsistent this year.  He hasn't improved in his techniques and stamina.  He seems to have lost some of his quickness, lateral movement and heart.


Talent Board Round   2

Although Eric has not played the LT position long at the college level, the injury to his knee has set him back.  He has not come back stronger and that could be a sign that he wasn't serious enough about his rehab.  Before the injury, Eric reminded me a lot of Jumbo Elliott.  Now Jumbo was a hell of a LT as long as Bill Parcells was his coach.  Parcells knew how to motivate Jumbo and he became a Pro Bowl LT when Parcells was the coach.  As soon as Parcells left, Jumbo went downhill.  Because Eric didn't come back from his injury stronger and using better techniques, I have to think that Eric needs to be motivated to get the best out of him.  I like players that motivate themselves.  Before Eric was injured, he had decent lateral movement.  As long as he improved from year to year, there was no doubt of his ability to play LT at the next level.  But he didn't improve.  In fact, he went backwards.  Until someone comes up with a reasonable answer that isn't full of excuses, I have to say that this is another very talented player that I could not put my trust in to protect the blind side of my $5 million dollar QB.  I would have to move him inside to guard or to the right side so that a TE would help him out on the passing downs.  Now if I find out that he's improved his grades from last year significantly, that would be an acceptable excuse and I would consider Eric a top ten pick.  If his grades are worse or the same than before his injury, then he becomes a 2nd rounder for me personally.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005