Fred Matua   G/C   USC


Fred has been a dominating guard for his college team. He is extremely quick for his size and moves his feet very well.  He is excellent in pass protection because of his quick feet and balance.  Fred plays with an attitude and he does not mind mixing it up on the field verbally and physically.  Hes a tough guy and plays with a lot of heart and effort; through his play on the field, he shows some leadership qualities. 


Needs to Improve

Fred has short arms and although he's a strong kid, those short arms are going to allow a D-lineman to control him at the line of scrimmage.  His attitude is a concern.  It is not a problem at the college level, but if his way of getting himself up for a play is barking at another lineman, then that could be a big problem at the next level.  He could be sending signals that the next play is coming through him and the pros will eat that crap up and spit it right back at him. 


Talent Board Round   3

I think Fred is going to have to become a center for the team that drafts him.  He could be a guard in a zone-blocking scheme and Im sure he would do very well; but I think that for any other kind of scheme, he is going to have to change to the center position.  Those short arms wont be as much of a problem as a center and he looks to be smart enough to handle the responsibilities.  It may also be a way of keeping his mouth shut on the field and make him concentrate more on his own play.  I like this kid, but I really like him as a center more than a guard.  In fact, I think he will be an excellent center in the future for the team that drafts him and only a pretty good guard -- and only if he's in the right scheme.  Either way, because of his heart, talent and quickness, somebody is going to get themselves a solid interior lineman.

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006