Frostee Rucker   DE   USC



Frostee has good size for his position.  He gives a good effort and shows some leadership skills through his play.  He understands his assignments and carries them out to the best of his abilities.  Frostee is a good developmental player for the next level.


Needs to Improve

Frostee is a tweener.  He is not fast enough or quick enough to be a DE and is not big enough to be a DT.  He shows better DT abilities than DE abilities for the next level, but his body type does not look like he can put on that much more bulk. 


Talent Board Round   5

Frostee has some developmental qualities, but he is going to have to improve through hard work and learning the correct techniques.  He reminds me a little bit of Bryce Fisher of the Seattle Seahawks.  Bryce had commitments to the Air Force when he first came into the league. This affected his LTI.  Frostee has the same talents and athletic abilities as Bryce, but Iím not convinced he is as smart and will learn what he needs to learn.  I am sure that he will try and that's worth a late round pick up.  Frostee looks to me like he hasn't played the DE position that long.  He did improve as the year went on; he became more important to his college team and that is a very good sign.  Frostee is going to have to step it up and play good special teams or it will be hard for him to stick on somebodyís roster.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006