Garrett McIntyre  DE  Fresno St


Garrett put the ‘hunt’ in the word hunting.  He is extremely quick off the snap and shows very good strength.  He has lined up at both the DT and DE positions and holds up very well against the run. He is a disrupter -- if you make a mistake, he will make you pay for it.  Garrett plays through injuries; his effort alone makes the players around him better.  He shows some leadership qualities and if you need a DE/LB for your 3-4 defense, then you need to draft Garrett very quickly in this upcoming draft.  


Needs to Improve

Garrett does have some physical limitations.  He is stiff in the hips, lacks really fluid change of direction skills and is knock-kneed.  Here’s the deal: fuhgettaboutit!  This kid is a football player!  He is athletic, smart and relentless.  These attributes far outweigh any negatives.


Talent Board Round   3

Garrett is the type of player that if you threw a frisbee off a cliff, he would jump and go after it…and bring it back!  His play may not be pretty to look at, but give him an assignment on the field and he carries it out to the best of his abilities.  He has to learn more than just a bull rush in the passing game and at the point of attack, he has to learn better techniques so he doesn’t run himself out of the play.  All of these things are easily correctable.  Garrett is a sleeper.  My definition of a sleeper in a draft is not a player who plays for a small college and everyone goes to check him out!  My definition is a player in a big college that plays right in front of your eyes every Saturday, but nobody bothers to talk about him.  Garrett has played with a cast on his hand and had two sacks in a game along with five or six tackles and no one says anything!  Garrett has played through a high ankle sprain and had four or five tackles and a sack, and no one says anything.  He puts his hand down at DT, then the next play is a DE and makes two tackles in a row -- one for a two yard gain and the other for a three yard loss, and still, no one says anything!  Garrett is exactly the type of player I want on my team.  He is athletic, smart, relentless, driven to win, quicker than instant coffee, possesses good strength and is a leader. I really don’t care about the other crap!
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005