Gerald Riggs   RB   Tennessee
Gerald is technically one of the best RBís in this draft.  He knows how to set up blocks for his O-linemen and when to change gears.  He is also one of the best at turning the corner on a sweep.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield as good as anyone in this draft and he knows how to be patient and wait for his blocks when running a screenplay.  Gerald got hurt this year; however, if he can show everyone at his workouts that he is on his way back, he could be a steal in this draft. 
Needs to Improve
There are some concerns about Gerald other than his injury.  Gerald is not a tough runner through the tackles and he fumbles the ball -- a lot! 
Talent Board Round   5
Gerald reminds me a lot of Shaun Alexander (RB - Seattle Seahawks).  He is about the same size, speed and strength and, like Shaun, both RBís are not tough inside runners -- but look at where that's gotten Shaun!  As soon as Seattle decided to accept the fact that Shaun does not like to run inside, they compensated for it and then went to the Super Bowl.  The big difference is that Gerald has a very bad habit of fumbling.  That's not good!  If Gerald had not gotten injured, Iím sure a lot of teams would be looking at him as a 1st round pick -- especially in this draft with the lack of size at the RB position.  I think that some teams would have downgraded him because of his lack of toughness and fumbling problems.  However, when you compare those problems to the problems that Shaun Alexander and Tiki Barber had when they came into the league, those problems might not bother some teams.  For me personally, I have and will always have, problems with a back that fumbles in college.  I think the Tiki Barberís are the exception to the rule.  That rule is: if you fumble in college, you'll just fumble more at the next level.  Gerald is one of the best technically sound backs that I've seen in a long time at the college level, but the fumbles and the lack of toughness make his LTI the wrong kind of LTI.  In this case, it could be how quickly does Gerald impact in a negative way.  How quickly will he get on the field and gain over 100yds in a game, but fumble twice and lose the game?  With Gerald, it could happen right away!
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006