Greg Blue   S   Georgia


Greg is a big, strong, powerful, athletic kid.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He has a great burst to the ball, excellent speed and shows leadership qualities.  Greg is a smart player and has good football instincts.  He has been used at the line as an in-the-box safety, but recently, Georgia has used its safeties in a two deep zone system and Greg has done an excellent job.  Greg has played both safety positions and shows good hands to intercept the ball. 


Needs to Improve

Some people have questioned Gregís athletic ability to defend against the pass.  They are feeding you a plate of garbage!  Look for his workout at the combine to prove them wrong. 


Talent Board Round   2

If you hear that Greg is not very good defending the pass, remember this.  It is scout speak for, ďI hope nobody picks this kid before we do.Ē  Greg has the same level of talent as Taylor or Williams when they came out in the draft.  Here is the real key:  he is smarter then either of them.  He is an impact player who intimidates, forces fumbles, tackles and intercepts passes. What more do you want in a defensive player?  This is a kid that can play either safety position.  If you donít think that his pass defending skills are up to par for the next level (cough, "bull crap", cover mouth), then think again.  But if you do think that he is not good in pass defense (cough, "bull crap", cover mouth), then donít worry -- he has the type of frame and skills to bulk up and become very good OLB.  If you watch film on this kid, you'll see that he is flexible enough to flip his hips with most TEís and big WRís.  Will he stay with a small, fast slot receiver?  No!  But you tell me what safety in the NFL can?Will he be better in a two deep zone defensive system?  Yes!  Is he fast enough from sideline to sideline and smart enough to be used as your free safety in a single zone?  YES!  Let's just say hypothetically that Greg does have trouble defending the pass (cough, "bull crap", cover mouth).  My point is that John Lynch (FS-Denver Broncos) has trouble defending the pass.  Does that make John Lynch a bad safety?   Iím not saying that Greg is as good as Lynch; he will have to prove that.  But arenít you supposed to adjust your defense to a playerís strengths?  For me, if I needed a safety badly, Greg would be my first round pick (no cough, no "bull crap", no cover mouth).
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006