Greg Lee   WR   Pittsburgh



Greg has good size, strength and speed.  He knows how to run routes and knows all the tricks.  He has deceptive speed and understands how to set his man up so that he can go deep.  He shows decent hands and is the type of kid that can turn it on and off when he wants to at the college level because he is more talented than most of the players he goes up against.   


Needs to Improve

When you look in the dictionary for the word inconsistent, you will see Gregís face right next to the definition.  Greg also does an excellent job of not listening to anyone about anything.  He knows it all. 


Talent Board Round   5

I must tell you that I find it hard to be impartial in evaluating this kid.   Lots of times I will evaluate a kid and give him a bad evaluation, but I can always back it up because it's what I see on the film.  Gregís talent is good in general and if he worked hard, I think he might be one of the better WRís in this draft.  Greg has good enough talent; he can start and be very productive for the team that drafts him.  The fact is that because his play on the field is so inconsistent and there is really no reason why it is, I donít have very much confidence in this kid to perform any better at the next level than he did at the college level.  I figure he might show up for the last two years of his contract and try to get himself a big free agent deal, but thatís about it for production.  Gregís lack of effort to play more team-oriented football is the big issue for me.  So, draft away if you want, but there are a lot of WRís in this draft with equal talent who give better effort that I would pick before I would pick this kid.  Then again, thatís just me being a crabby old man and expecting too much from a player that will get millions of dollars to run down the field and catch a ball!
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006