James Wyche   DE   Syracuse


James has that size, strength and speed ratio that you look for in a DE at the next level.  He shows good strength and burst; he has a lot of games under his belt at the college level.  James has had to deal with constant double-teaming and still has been productive for his team.  He is an excellent developmental prospect and if drafted by the right team, could turn into a solid DE at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Because of all the double-teaming that James has had to contend with, he hasn't developed.  You have to question James for not fighting through those double teams and becoming a better and more well-rounded DE. 


Talent Board Round   3

James has the talent to be one of the better DEís in this draft, but you have to ask yourself whether has the self-motivation necessary to be successful at the next level.  I donít care how down a program is, it's still up to the player to play his best and improve every year at this level.  If Iím going to knock QBís with talent that use the excuse of a so called ďbad O-LineĒ when they throw interceptions, get sacked and have losing seasons, then I have to hold talented DEís like James to the same standards.  The difference is that talent like James has at a position on the D-line does not hold the success of a team in the palm of their hands.  James can be saved if he wants to be.  If a team with good coaching drafts him and works with him, James could be a very good DE for that team.  He needs to work hard and really want it.  He must show more heart and not worry about being double-teamed.  He has to understand that every league has bad teams and bad coaches, but that's no excuse for not improving as a player.  James looks like he's a good kid, so I donít suspect any off field issues in this case.  I just see a kid that got down on his team and himself because he saw no light at the end of the tunnel.  Because of Jamesí workout numbers and raw talent, he should be taken on the first day of the draft.  This draft lacks size in its DEís and James has that.  I would definitely take a chance on this kid.  I think he will be worth it
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006