Jason Allen   FS   Tennessee


Jason has long arms and legs and can cover a whole lot of ground really fast.  He has good hands to intercept the ball and shows excellent leadership qualities.  Jason is a very smooth player with good cover ability to handle the bigger WRís and TEís in the red zone one-on-one.  He is a pure cover FS with the talent to impact at the next level.  He can play in a single safety system that will allow the defense to use the SS up at the line like an extra LB.  He has the speed and athletic ability to cover sideline to sideline.  Jason is a good tackler and if he can stay healthy, he should be a very good FS for the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

Jason needs to stay healthy.  His workout numbers at the combine show how hard he has worked and that should not be taken lightly.  He has gotten into some bad habits in his tackling techniques; however, I think as soon as he's healthy and gets over trying to prove that he is a big hitter, he should become a solid tackler at the next level. 


Talent Board Round   1

If Priest Holmes can come back as he did from his hip injury, Jason should be able to do the same.  His workout numbers show me that this kid has an excellent work ethic.  Now all Jason has to learn is that his ability to impact at the next level is tied directly to his health and his ability to stay on the field.  Jason needs to understand that if he gets three more interceptions, the QB will not be inclined to throw in his area. That means that Jason will not have to worry about intimidating the WRís with a big hit that might get him injured and put him on the sidelines.  Jasonís impact at the next level will not be how many big hits he gets.  It will be in his ability to stay on the field, intercept balls and be a leader and a coach on the field.  As soon as he learns that he doesn't have to tackle like a LB, he'll become the player his talent shows me that he can be.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006