Jason Avant  WR  Michigan


Jason gets better and better every time I see him play.  He has good hands, is quick in and out of his breaks and has very good speed.  His confidence is growing stronger each game.  He is starting to understand the mental toughness that is needed to be a #1 WR on a team.  In general, Jason has become the ďgo toĒ guy in the passing game for his team.


Needs to Improve

Jason still needs a lot of work.  He has to learn to be more physical when running his routes and how to read defenses on the run.  He has to learn when to cut off the routes and sit down in a zone.  In general, he has to keep improving in all phases of his game.  This is not unusual for a WR coming to the next level.  The key for Jason is to continue to grow mentally as well as physically.


Talent Board Round   3

Jason has all the tools to be an impact player at the next level.  His confidence and ability to come through in the clutch will be the deciding factor and nobody knows for sure if he has that ability -- not even Jason.  As we get closer to the draft, I feel that Jason might make it into the late first round, early second. He will need some time to develop at the next level.  A player that lacks confidence in his play at one level usually lacks confidence at the next until he proves to himself otherwise.  Michiganís offense is an easy offense and doesnít require much mentally from a WR or a QB. The passing game is mostly max protection, run your route and if you beat your guy, you get the ball.  Thatís why most WRís from Michigan take time to adjust to the NFL and all that it requires of a WR.  Mentally, the NFL is a big shock to Michigan WRís and QBís in general. This is why a lot of Michigan players have a difficult time adjusting and impacting like they did in college.  Jason falls into to this category, but because he has shown excellent improvement from game to game this season, he should be able to handle the next level and all that is required.  Worst-case scenario, you have a pretty good #2 WR and as long as heís not taken too high, thatís not a bad deal.
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005