Jason Hatcher   DE/DT   Grambling St


Jason has good size and speed to play the DE position at the next level.  He does a really good job defending the run and is just starting to learn all of the pass rushing moves to impact at the next level.  He has a good, strong burst off the line and shows enough quickness to pressure the passer off the edge.  Jason has the type of build that could handle 20 or 30 more pounds of muscle without it affecting his speed or quickness.  He has the talent right now to fit as a DT in a 1-gap system or as a DE in a 3-4 defensive system with the abilities to develop into a complete DT down the line. 


Needs to Improve

Jason is just a tadpole right now.  He needs to learn a lot of different moves to become a better pass rusher.  One thing he does not have to learn is how to defend against the run.  Jason has a very good career ahead of him if he keeps working hard. 


Talent Board Round   4

Jason looks to me like he will be a better DT than a DE because he is not that flexible and doesn't have really good change direction abilities.  He is very good against the run, has a good bull rush and is very good at shooting the gaps and getting into the backfield.  However, when he does that, he lacks the flexibility to change direction and wrap up for the tackle.  He sure does know how to crate havoc in the backfield, but his strength is defending against the run.  He is very good at doing that right now.  Thatís why I think in a 3-4 as a DE, he would be very good.  He does have the type of build that can handle more weight and bulk, so he should also be a damn good DT in a 4-3.  Either way, he is an excellent developmental line prospect that could help you right away as a rotation D-lineman until he gets up to speed.  This kid has a lot of talent and in the second day of this draft, he's going to be a real find.  In the right system (like the one the Bears are running right now) he could come in and impact.  Heís about 20 lbs and a few pass rushing moves away from being a hell of a D-lineman for the team that drafts him.  I like this kid's potential a whole lot.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006