Jason Spitz   OC/OG   Louisville



Jason is a big, mentally tough O-lineman.  He does a good job in the trenches and shows leadership qualities through his play.  He does a good job in the running game and shows power in opening up holes and blowing D-lineman off the ball.  Jason uses his hands well and looks to be very smart in handling stunts and picking up blitzes. 


Needs to Improve

Jason looks like his feet are in concrete.  He has to learn to move his feet better and quicker.  If he learns this, he will stop lunging and when he stops lunging, this kid could be a hell of an offensive lineman. 


Talent Board Round   6

Someone has to take Jason and make him run the stairs.  He has to learn to run down the stairs and he has to time himself and get faster running down the stairs every week.  Moving your feet is just a signal to the brain that can be developed.  It is no different than your hand-eye coordination.  It starts with developing the electrical pulses to the brain, having the brain identifying them and then reacting.  Remember ring the bell and the dog salivates?  Jason can gain learned reaction skills the same way.  Draft this kid and make him do the down the stadium stairs drill until he canít move and you will have yourself a Pro Bowl interior lineman that might be a better center than guard.  He is very smart and understands defensive schemes.  I have not seen this kid fooled by a blitz or a stunt.  I have seen him beaten, but not fooled.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006