Jay Cutler  QB  Vanderbilt


Jay is your prototypical drop-back QB. He has very good arm strength to go along with some solid mechanics.  He has quick enough feet for his three step and five step drops and shows good accuracy when he keeps his feet set and throws in rhythm.  Jay has shown that he can play through injuries and has the respect of his teammates and coaches.  He shows some good potential to play at the next level.


Needs to Improve

Although Jay has franchise athletic talent for the next level, he doesnít show franchise leadership qualities for the next level.  His body language on field sends signals that he is expecting disaster to hit on any given play.


Talent Board Round   2

Now before everyone that knows Jay personally goes crazy, Iím not saying that Jay canít be a successful NFL QB.  I am suggesting that Jay allows the poor play of his teammates and play calling to affect him emotionally on the field and he shows it during a game.  If he shows it in a college game, just imagine what will happen to him in a pro game.  The fans and players and all the press will never let up on him. Jay reminds me of a QB that played for the Buffalo Bills by the name of Joe Ferguson.  Joe would come off the field after he threw an interception in a game and you would think from his body language that he just found out the girl he was dating was really his long lost sister!  He had excellent athletic talent, but mentally, could not accept his mistakes or his teammatesí mistakes or overcome them.  If a team that has a very strong running game drafts Jay, then he could be a good QB.  However, this is not a kid that should be expected to perform in a WCO system. Some teams will rate Jay very high and others low because, in my opinion, he is more of a one-system style QB.  Jay could be drafted as early as the second or as late as the seventh.  I know thatís not going out on the limb very far, but this is a fragile limb.  If itís me personally drafting, I would let some other team draft him, see how he progresses and then pick him up in free agency if he learns to be more mentally tough.
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005