Jeremy Trueblood   OT   Boston College


Jeremy is as tall as a tree.  He shows good mental toughness and uses his hands very well to keep the D-Linemen from getting into him when pass blocking.  He is a smart OT and shows good leadership skills.  Right now, he's a left tackle and has done an excellent job for his college team.


Needs to Improve

Jeremyís biggest problem is that he does not bend his knees and set himself.  Because of this, he's too high in his stance, which affects his balance.  Any D-lineman that knows how to use Jeremyís own weight against him and understands leverage is going to beat this kid like a drum. 


Talent Board Round   3

Jeremy has potential because he does an excellent job of using his hands against his opponent and is mentally tough.  At this point, he lacks the lateral movement he needs to compete at the next level.  He has to learn to move his feet quicker along with bending his knees and setting his balance so that his own weight cannot be used against him.  He is also stiff in his hips so he will always need help from a TE in the passing game unless he improves 100% in moving his feet and his lateral movement.  BC has used him to pull on some plays and he does a good job.  Thatís what makes me believe that if he gets with a good coach and works hard, he can improve his foot speed and make himself quicker.  Personally, I like this kid's mental toughness and leadership qualities and I think he will be a core player for the team that drafts him in time.  His mental toughness makes me think that he might be able to handle the RT position pretty quickly, but he will need a lot of help in passing situations.  His size and mental toughness make him a first round consideration, but his talent at this point is not any better than a fourth or fifth round pick.  What I do in a case like this is split the difference.  Personally, I would rate him as a second or third rounder.  Now I know that there's been talk of Jeremy having first round talent and playing left tackle.  All I can say is that I donít believe drafting Jeremy in any round will be a bad pick.  He looks like he will be a solid RT that can help a team get better.  So if you need a good O-lineman, who cares in what round you select him?  Just make sure you pick him.  He is going to be a good player for the team that drafts him and with a little hard work, he may be a core player and a fan favorite.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006