Jerome Harrison   RB/WR   Washington St



Jerome has been an excellent impact player for his college team.  He shows good lateral movement in the hole along with excellent speed and quickness.  He has good enough hands out of the backfield to impact in the passing game and gives a good effort when blocking.  He likes to be the main man and shows the ability to impact at the next level without touching the ball that many times in a game.  Jerome could be a match-up nightmare. 


Needs to Improve

Jerome does not have good enough balance to be a productive RB at the next level.  He gets knocked off his feet very easily.  He will have to be moved to another position to impact.   


Talent Board Round   3

Jerome’s future in the NFL will depend on him being willing to become a slot WR and/or punt returner.  Personally, I like speed in the slot and size does not matter for me.  If I want size in the slot, I would use a TE or bring in a WR.  If you take Jerome and use him as a slot receiver and put him in motion, that becomes a match-up nightmare for the defense and gives your team a player that can score from anywhere on the field.  Jerome has the type of speed, quickness and mental toughness to impact a game without touching the ball a whole hell of a lot.  If he is willing to start his NFL career as a slot WR instead of a RB, he could be a sleeper impact draft pick the second day of the draft that becomes a fan favorite and a core player.   If he insist on being played at the RB position, the injuries, fumbling and the lack of blocking skills will put him on the bench or drive him to the CFL. 
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006